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Welcome! You've come to the right place if you're looking for the fun music and silly projects of Andrew Butler.

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Pancake Island was a thriving resort community. But in the hundred years since the royal family renounced the throne, a corrupt government has brought the island to shambles.

Suddenly, the famous rock band Andrew and the Safari Rangers arrives on the shore. Could they be the heroes the ancient islanders foretold? Spoiler alert: Maybe!

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“On one hand, Butler seems to be at the helm of an outrageous gimmick, a transformative take on the traditional comedy rock trope. On the other hand, he does it with such splendid fun, you tend to root for the guy despite all the flat one-liners and weird oddities that would normally turn away even the least disciplined listener.”

That description, written by music blog The Noise Beneath the Apple, may be the most accurate take ever written about Rhode Island-based songwriter Andrew Butler.

When he was in high school, just learning how to tinker with his computer to make music, Butler released music under the name
Andrew and Safari Rangers — even though it was a solo project!

Then, in fulfillment of a lifelong dream, he formed a boy band called
Eyes to the Skies while studying at Providence College. Taking inspiration from the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, the band danced and sang love songs. But unlike most boy bands, they wrote their own songs and choreographed their own moves. Together, Eyes to the Skies produced a full-length album and music video.

Butler recently released two new solo albums,
Andything Is Possible and Andything Is Possible 2, which feature the hit singles Infographic and Hiking Trip, respectively.

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