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Top 10 Reasons The Lamp Should Feature The Battle of Pancake Island

The Lamp is a wonderful magazine sent six times per year to many wonderful, beautiful subscribers.

Many readers may be shocked to learn, however, that it has yet to cover the amazing new book Andrew and the Safari Rangers: The Battle of Pancake Island by Andrew Butler.

I believe it is my duty to share with you, then, the following list of reasons The Lamp should feature the book:

  1. The world could use a laugh. And this book is super funny.

  2. I use some really big words in the book. It is definitely worthy of the erudite literary scholars at The Lamp.

  3. The words are rich in meaning. You never know when you’re going to see some shocking world play.

  4. The book has an awesome cover drawn by the artist Sarah Gambardella. People often say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case I say please do.

  5. While lighthearted, the book contains highfalutin themes that The Lamp will love, such as monarchy vs democracy, the dangers of technology, and the power of music.

  6. While many authors might do it for the money, I make very little money off the books. I do it for the notoriety.

  7. The book has many things in common with The Lamp. For example, the book itself is kind of like a lamp, in that it brings light to many people.

  8. Andrew and the Safari Rangers is an up-and-coming book series, and The Lamp should not miss the boat in being the first publication to cover it.

  9. Take one look at the cover and it’s no surprised the book is full of action. But you might not know the book is also extremely romantic.

  10. Mustaches play a pivotal role in the book. But I won’t say any more than that.

So, what say you, The Lamp?

Learn more and purchase your copy of the book on Amazon.

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